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Shoofly Leggings For Horses Equine Fly Boots

Shoofly Leggings For Horses Equine Fly Boots

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Introducing Shoo Fly Leggings For Horses: Your Trusted Equine Insect Protection

Are pesky flies and insects causing discomfort and annoyance to your beloved horses? Look no further than Shoo Fly Leggings for horses, the ultimate equine insect protection gear. These innovative fly repellent leggings for horses are designed to keep your equine friends safe and happy during all their outdoor activities.

Equine Insect Protection – Stay Ahead of the Buzz

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our Shoo Fly Leggings for horses act as a powerful equestrian insect barrier, shielding your horses from the relentless attacks of flies and other insects. The insect-resistant leg coverings provide full coverage for your horse’s lower limbs, including pasterns and fetlocks, making them a highly effective pest-proof leg wrap for horses.

Unmatched Comfort and Durability

With a focus on comfort, our Shoo Fly Leggings for horses are crafted from premium materials, ensuring breathability and flexibility while offering long-lasting protection. The bug-resistant leg sleeves are easy to adjust and secure, providing a perfect fit for horses of all sizes and breeds.

Ride with Confidence – Horse Riding Insect Protection

Shoo Fly Leggings for horses allow you to enjoy horse riding without the constant worry of insect bites. Their fly bite prevention technology helps maintain your horse’s well-being, reducing stress and ensuring a comfortable riding experience.

Don’t let flies and insects spoil your horse’s outdoor fun. Invest in Shoo Fly Leggings today and witness the difference in your horse’s comfort and happiness. Browse our selection of horse fly boots and discover the unparalleled benefits of our protective legwear for horses. Join countless satisfied customers who have found a reliable and effective equestrian insect barrier in Shoo Fly Leggings.

 And It’s Patented!

The main features of the Shoofly boots: the sturdy, breathable plastic mesh, the sewn-in plastic stays, and the heavy-duty Velcro fasteners all make these boots top-quality. Therefore, it is no surprise that this is the only patented product of its kind in the Equine industry. Patent Number: US6508205B1

Shoofly Leggins Equine Fly Boots are available in orange, blue and also pink. In addition, they include 6 sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Yearling, Donkey/Pony, and Mini Horse.

Care Instructions

Not recommended for dishwashers, hand wash only.

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